Investor Relations


1.- What is a Public Stock Corporation.?
It’s a company that has issued securities through an initial public offering and is traded at the stock exchange market, which aims to attract capital and investors and generate different growth opportunities in the market. Being a Public Stock Corporation allows debt and stock public offerings, helps build a better image and projection of the company, contributing to strengthen the company's competitiveness through transparency in corporate governance. This type of company is subject to special provisions included in the Securities Market Act and to those stated in the General Law of Commercial Companies. The act of becoming a public company allows the market to determine the value of the entire company through daily trading.
2.- Where are the corporate offices of Monex ?
They are located in 284 Paseo de la Reforma Av., Colonia Juárez. Zip Code 06600. Mexico City
3.- What is the main business of Monex ?
 Its core business is providing financial services to national and international companies.
4.- What businesses make up Monex S.A.B. ?
Monex Grupo Financiero is the main subsidiary of Monex S.A.B. whose subsidiaries are Banco Monex (Bank), Monex Casa de Bolsa (Brokerage House) and Monex Operadora de Fondos (Investment Funds).
5.- What it is the main activity of the Financial Group?
The financial Group is focused on providing corporate clients with foreign exchange and international payment services, as well as securities brokerage services and trading.
6.- Where can Monex's financial information be found?
Monex S.A.B.'s financial information can be located on the Monex S.A.B. website ( under the Financial Information section or logging into the Mexican Stock Exchange website ( .
7.- What is Monex S.A.B.'s ticker in the Mexican Stock Exchange?
 The Ticker is MONEX.