About Monex S.A.B.


Service Vocation

At Monex, we maintain a permanent disposition to offer the best service in order to provide our clients with specialized and customized assistance.


Monex's integrity is based on experience and stability acquired throughout the years. We are committed to our clients, employees, shareholders and the community in general.


We establish long-lasting relationships with our clients, based on honest communication. At all time, we guarantee legal respect and we encourage our employees to uphold the highest ethical standards.


For Monex, the safety and reliability of our service is essential, thus we focus on assisting our clients with the quality they deserve.


We provide a highly qualified and world- class service to our clients. We recognize that there is always room for improvement, therefore; we always keep our eyes open for any flaws and/or opportunities to refine our service.

Team Work

At Monex we value and foster team work, with a competitive spirit, open communication, innovation and the search for new challenges.